You are not just a number to us. You are a person, and you have a unique set of life circumstances and financial goals.

Our approach begins with the premise and the understanding that, first and foremost, we look to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients. We take time to listen to their needs, concerns, worries and goals. Only after understanding our clients, are we able to offer advice that will serve them. With your Jones Wealth Management team behind you, you can focus your time on what matters most to you.

Our depth of knowledge, industry experience and customer service enables us to offer a suite of financial solutions that help to preserve and grow your capital.
No two people have the exact same goals. That’s why it takes an individually tailored plan to turn those goals into a reality.
We work with clients at different stages of life, so no matter where you are, your advisor can create a customized plan to help you get there.

Financial Planning

We can help you prepare for the future with a financial plan designed especially for you. A good financial plan is a blueprint that lets you save, spend, invest, manage risk and approach tax and estate planning with confidence.

Retirement Planning

We’ll help make sure you have the right tax-efficient income strategies and financial protection needed to retire the way you’ve always dreamed of. We offer many types of retirement accounts and can help you understand the differences, so you can choose what makes the most sense for your financial goals and investing strategy.


Since everyone’s situation and goals are different, our strategies are designed differently, too. Depending on what you need, life insurance can simply be your safety net from the unexpected, or it can be the foundation of a smart financial plan, giving you more financial flexibility for the things that are important during your life like paying for college, growing your business, and having more income in retirement.


Annuities can help you before and after you retire, providing tax-deferred growth during your saving years and income during retirement. Jones Wealth Management can help you get to retirement with confidence and security.

Education Funding

With college costs continuing to rise faster than the rate of inflation, financing a child’s higher education can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are sound strategies you can use to pay college expenses for your children or grandchildren while keeping an eye on your overall financial goals. Even if your child or grandchild only has a few years remaining before college, prudent planning can help you save the largest amount in the shortest amount of time. In addition, you may benefit from specific tax advantages for contributing to college expenses.

401(K) Management

Did you know that many employees can add professional money management to their employer-sponsored retirement plan or rollover IRA? Active management can take your retirement plan from a static or neglected investment to a dynamic asset being managed at the core of your portfolio.